Memorializing Hollow Knight (+ more) Art in r/Place 2022

I feel like I’m just a tad bit late on this post but oh well, better late than never I guess.

For those that don’t know of r/Place, it’s a social experiment that took place for April Fools that involves a large canvas in which one user can change a pixel once every five minutes. More background information on the experiment can be found on Wikipedia.

Here is a link to the final canvas. I won’t be posting it here because it’s massive and messy, but it’s worth a look if you haven’t seen it.

It was truly a moment where fandoms and communities, even small ones, banded together to try and make a place for themselves and draw some memorable pixel art. It was pretty hilarious too. Different groups would band together in diplomacy – trying to negotiate how much space they would take up and how the designs would mesh.

I wanted to put some screenshots of the canvas here. If I put up every single amusing or pretty art I found, this post would be extraordinarily long. So, I’m using this post to at least store the work from the two communities I actually contributed to – Hollow Knight and Ace Attorney (in which one was significantly more successful than the other). Realistically, I was just a lurker in the Discord servers, but I did help place pixels down and repair the images!

The main bench. Honestly, I’m still amazed at how many collaborations they were able to pull off. The Discord channel had a diplomacy channel for each fandom involved in the bench.

This is also where all the successful Ace Attorney art is. There were a couple others during the process but they were either really small, eaten by the void created by griefers trolling with the canvas, or both. I think it’s cute though. Supposedly, I think there’s an Apollo on the canvas somewhere but I haven’t been able to find it.

RIP Athena

To be honest, I liked the Baba Make Place a lot more than just the fanart of Baba next to Ori, but oh well.

This is what the Silksong picture looked like at the end of the canvas. I appreciate the collaboration with Elden Ring and the shared Git Gud. This was the first picture up on the canvas and it was there on day 1. Admittedly, I like the color choice of the original day 1 image more than the finalized one.

They continued collaborating with Elden Ring for the final image too, which makes it such that every Hollow Knight image is also related to Elden Ring in some way. I think this one is really cool. It looks really good.

Finally, here is a dump of some other of my personal highlights when perusing the image board. Also shoutout to The /r/place Atlas. It is so much fun to look through and really highlights the craziness of the whole project.

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