Reading Manga on a Kindle Paperwhite – a sequel

Back in February of this year, I wrote a blog post titled: Reading Manga on a Kindle – a size comparison. Basically the gist of it is that I decided to start buying manga to read digitally and was using my old Kindle from college, and it worked pretty well for me at least. I made a blog post to compare the size and quality since it’s definitely noticeably blurrier and smaller, so I wanted to show it off for anyone who perhaps thought about it as an option because that’s definitely a deal breaker for some.

Now this year on Black Friday, I got myself a new Kindle Paperwhite from Target for like 40% off and oh my god using it is like putting on a new pair of glasses.

I would love to do a side by side comparison, but evidently I didn’t think this blog post through well enough because I already packaged away my old one for trade-in, so we’re going to have to reuse the picture I used in the old blog post to compare the quality.

Old Kindle. Base model, 8th generation.
New Kindle. Paperwhite model, 11th generation (the newest one available at time of writing).

Like wow. Look at that tiny font. It actually looks like lines instead of pixels! And this is showing off the extreme end of things, since most font in manga is not like this teeny tiny text on the “About the Characters” page or whatever. The “normal” pages look really good in general. It’s noticeably sharper.

This is a comparison of the size with the black cover one being my new Kindle. I have to compare case size unfortunately because again, I don’t have access to my old one. But I think this gets the general gist down. It’s not noticeably larger to me when I actually use it in my hands, but side by side there is most definitely a difference. It doesn’t look significantly larger (I think the Oasis is even larger than the Paperwhite I have) but I’m sure it makes a difference in the sense that it’s slightly closer to matching the size of a physical book.

Also one insane quality of life thing I didn’t know I needed was the inclusion of a dark mode and also being able to adjust the warmth of the screen like with f.lux.

Sorry, my screen is sorta dirty. For reference, book is Stardust by Neil Gaiman.

In conclusion, I have no regrets on this purchase. I really appreciate how the adjustable backlight lets me binge fanfiction at night before bed read lots of books in a way that doesn’t hurt my eyes. If anything, I think the dark mode makes it even more comfortable to read than a physical book with white pages (cream colored pages are better though), but I’m the kind of person that has dark mode on everything.

The huge quality jump in manga is sort of just an extra bonus at that point, but I didn’t realize how much of a difference it made until I went through my old posts.

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