Genshin Impact Teapot Realm – End of 2.1

A very very short sequel to my 1.6 post! I skipped 2.0 because there was so much other new content that I didn’t really make much, but I do have some short builds to document for myself here.

Once again, I swear Genshin Impact is an action RPG and not a building game. I don’t know why I spend so much time on this either.

They added these huge fish ponds! I made a little area here at the top of the mountain. Not too many crazy clipping shenanigans here. Just put a bunch of pond type things and some cozy houses.

I was finally able able to spruce up the little city walls area a bit more! They added quite a bit of load limit, but not enough to really fill it up all the way. However, it’s definitely much livelier now than it was before, so I’m at least pretty happy with that.

This is the little gardening area I made. It actually uses one of the pre-made sets as a base but then I put in the walls and lights and gardening patches.

And finally, the piece I’m probably most happy with – a shop counter for everyone’s favorite pharmacy clerk!

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