Genshin Impact Teapot Realm – End of 1.6

A sequel to the previous End of 1.5 post! As I mentioned before, my motivation for making these posts is to snapshot my personal progress and builds. Like before, the image quality feels sort of wonky, but it gets the job done for documentation purposes at least.

Also guys, I swear Genshin Impact is an action RPG and not Animal Crossing. I don’t know why I spend so much time on this either. 😅

With the load limit increase, I was able to shove some things into the city courtyard thing. It still feels pretty empty, probably because the stalls I actually put in it are small. Maybe I’ll update this with bigger furnishings. It looks alright when actually running around inside of it though, as opposed to seeing a bird’s eye view.

I ended up doing most of my building this time around on the Cool Isle realm, which I unlocked as the second realm. I’m trying to make some weirdly chaotic forest using all kinds of trees. It’s alright. It still needs a lot more trees, but luckily I have a lot of room and more load left to utilize.

This build is a stupid one. If you don’t know how the Genshin or Genshin’s gacha works, then this text blurb won’t make any sense (feel free to skip and just look at the pictures lol). Anyway, I really like how the maple trees look so I had a bunch of them, and I also wanted a place to wish for Kazuha so I made a maple tree shrine and stuck Zhongli/Mona in it for good luck (the two pre-pity 5 star pulls I had) and Razor/Bennett because they were on the banner. Once I got Kazuha/Rosaria from the banner, I then dumped them here too.

Somehow I didn’t hit the load limit despite throwing six characters in one place (the characters have huge amounts of load).

I still haven’t put a lot of thought into the interior design of the house yet. I’m not sure if I’ll actual do much more than what I already have because I find outdoor builds more interesting. It doesn’t look terrible but feels like it doesn’t makes no sense. Which to be fair, I did end up just dumping a lot of things into the main room without too much thought. Anyway, this is what it looks like right now.

And finally we have the Beach Monstrosity.

This build started off inspired by Unlucky Tabibito’s Sky Deck design (link to video here). I really liked the idea of using the wooden tables to make a quasi-boardwalk/deck. I also really enjoy watching all their builds because they do some really creative things with the clipping and glitching. Thus, this whole thing is one glitched mess – if I try to move something, I need to move everything around it as well or else it won’t work. But I’m really happy with it, so it was definitely worth it. I definitely want to keep adding to it if they add more load in 2.0.

At the bottom I have the prebuilt “Glittering Street” character set. I had this placed on the beach prior to this build and liked how it looked, so I moved it to the entrance of the Monstrosity and rearranged some things. I like having it here because it lets me invite some of my characters to the area.

There currently aren’t any stairs available in the furnishings, so I tried to do something clever with using the ladder from the windmill to climb up. It makes it a bit nicer than just climbing up the wall.

After climbing up the windmill ladder, you end up on the deck. It looks nicer at night time when you can see all the lights.

These are some buildings and miscellaneous furnishings near the entrance.

I guess this is sort of a snack area? I glitched the tea table to be under the fruit stall and I’m a big fan of how it looks. There’s a nice view from up here as well. I also have this nice gramophone from Klee’s event that unfortunately doesn’t actually do anything .:(

I made a little pool area with the ponds. It was a pretty big pain trying to position everything (but mostly just the lights) so it looked alright and not too glitched. I spent an embarrassingly long time this morning trying to get a second pond in to expand the water area.

Next to that I tried to make a play-area of sorts? I put some weapon racks and the throwing balls along side some targets and balloons. I may like to try to expand this area a bit more just to offer more space, but for now it’s small.

This is a more dedicated “restaurant” area. Like before I glitched the tea tables under some stalls to offer a bit of shade in the daytime.

I guess this is a wares/shopping area? Once I got to this point I was very quickly running out of load and space so I threw these over here and it looks alright.

Finally, the view at the end of the boardwalk.

Anyway that’s it for me. I’ll be back again at the end of the 2.0 update (probably).

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