This Blog in 2021

This blog is relatively new, but it grew a lot in 2020 which I’m pretty happy about. I don’t remember how many followers I had in 2019, but I think it was less than 10. Today while writing this post, this blog has 56 followers. That’s wild. I really really appreciate it.

I think the craziest thing when looking back at 2020 is that all my posts, including the super niche ones, have likes on them. Again, I really appreciate it.

In terms of my own writing and work, I wrote 23 blog posts which averages out to about two a month. I was originally shooting for 12 posts, so hitting almost double that does make me feel quite proud.

I would like to hit the same post count in 2021, but I’m not sure if I would be able to reach 23. I constantly feel like I have no ideas on what to write about, but somehow I evidentially still had the inspiration for that many posts. Maybe I can do it again in 2021.

I think some bloggers have goals on follower count, but for me, I prefer not having one because it’s not something I can control. I prefer to focus on my own blog and writing about things I’m interested in. I really enjoyed writing posts that aren’t straight reviews of one game because I find general game design to be pretty interesting (I binge a lot of YouTube videos on that). Posts like the one about Metroidvanias as a genre and the one about min-maxing in games are two of the posts I especially enjoyed.

To be honest, as the blog has grown, I often find myself feeling more and more self conscious every time I hit publish. I’m not a professional writer of any sort or anything even remotely close to that (I’m a Software Engineer). I’m just someone who plays video games. In the end, I find myself often worrying about the quality of my writing, but the more problematic issue is also worrying about whether or not my opinions are valid. Like god forbid I have different options as people on the internet! Maybe I spend too much time on reddit and Twitter. I would like to limit my time on those in 2021 if I can.

On a more personal note, I actually started a new job on Monday, so for me the rollover into 2021 definitely feels like a huge change and goodbye to the year 2020. I’m still settling into it but feeling awkward and trying to gauge how my work-life balance is going to be. That’s really the only thing that could actually affect this blog, but hopefully it won’t change too much. I may just need to procrastinate less, but I think cutting out social media will help with that.

Anyway, thanks again so much for reading!

One thought on “This Blog in 2021

  1. Great and uplifting post! Congratulations on your new job and for hitting your posting targets in 2020! I spend a lot of time on Reddit as well 😂 Hope 2021 continues to bring you more success and happiness ☀️


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