Blog Domain and Blog Icon Updates

For some reason, this morning I decided to look at my blog from an incognito browser. I wanted to see what this blog looks like to a random visitor on the internet.

What did I see? Well, I saw a lot of ads. On my recent GNOG post, there were five ads scattered throughout the article. They weren’t even different ads. They were the same ugly and somewhat embarrassing ad plastered in between paragraphs.

So I ended up impulse buying the cheapest WordPress plan and thus this blog is now completely ad free. As a bonus, I have my own domain name now too! You can find me here at The old URL,, works just fine as well.

I would have loved to be able to play around with the CSS on my blog, but I think I’m one plan tier too low for that. However, I’ve noticed that I’ve become strangely attached to the look of this blog.

But I did end up making some minor changes (color and font) to make the blog look a little more unique. My tl;dr on this matter is that I’ve been heavily referencing a blog post at work and their blog looks almost exactly like mine. Obviously, it’s really hard to be unique when you’re just using one of the free WordPress themes, but I at least want to try. I would put a link to the post or the blog here, but I’d feel really embarrassed if they got a link notification from me because this post is completely unrelated and irrelevant 😅😅😅 (their post is about SSL Certificates and Tomcat and stuff).

Also I’m supposed to be maintaining some semblance of work life balance these days.

I also want to take this time to pay some proper homage to my old WordPress profile picture.

Akyuu, Marisa, Mima, & Reimu.jpg

This is a beautiful piece of Touhou fanart by はなだひょう (@nebulastall on Twitter). My profile photo was centered around Mina in the background (the ghost with the green hair). I love this image so much but I decided to switch it up for a handful of reasons. Firstly, I’m not entirely sure what the artist’s policies are in regards to using their art. Secondly, it’s been years since I’ve really followed the Touhou fandom and lastly, it’s a very chaotic and colorful image, which doesn’t line up with my attempt to keep this blog clean and minimalist.

So I went and dug up this screenshot from my Steam library.


As cute as this image is, I cannot recommend using this strategy on Grimm.

6 thoughts on “Blog Domain and Blog Icon Updates

  1. Congrats!
    You know I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing for a while now, but haven’t. Probably should…in the meantime I’ve just encouraged people to run their choice of ad blocker on my blog. 😀


    1. Realistically I think almost everyone I know uses an ad blocker and I also don’t have much traffic, but I like how it give me a greater sense of control. Also, I gotta keep things #minimalist #aesthetic haha.

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