A Filler Post on a Lazy Sunday – Blog Tags

Right now I feel the need to do something a little more “productive” than five more hours of Animal Crossing, so I figured it would finally be time to tackle two of the tag posts thrown my way by some amazing people I haven’t properly thanked yet.

Back in January, Emiko of Ramblings N’ Scribbles tagged me in a Tag You’re It post involving some questions about blogging. Emiko’s blog has a lot of cool stuff about anime and general otaku things. I really like the series of analyses posts because I think they discuss things from an interesting angle. Thanks for the tag!

Then recently, Carlton of Tales from the Backlog tagged me for the Real Neat Blog Award that involves seven questions written by him as a part of the nomination. Carlton’s blog has a lot of neat gaming reports with statistics and numbers (which highly appeals to me) as well as the coolest and craziest backlog spreadsheet I’ve ever seen. Thanks!

I always feel super weird answering questions about myself so here we go. To be completely honest, I was originally procrastinating these tags because I felt that they broke the “aesthetic” of this blog, but then I realized how stupid that sounds.

Yes or No?


If you could create a new type of sport, what would it be or similar to?

Please don’t ask me this. I literally know nothing about sports.

What is a game that is generally received as bad but is your guilty pleasure?

I spent quite a long time thinking about this question actually. I couldn’t think of any games that were just straight up bad because I just don’t really play things with overall bad reviews. So this answer isn’t really so bad as it is niche and one of those “weird Japanese things” and also sort of same-y and not innovative after 17 games – Touhou! Touhou has been a surprisingly influential series in my life and its fandom is super complex (it’s a long story).

I especially like the 8th game and the 11th one – Imperishable Night and Subterranean Animism.

Do you prefer writing with a pencil, pen, or keyboard?

I use a TWSBI Eco fountain pen with a fine nib and Diamine and Pilot Iroshizuku inks.

When was the last time something made you laugh so hard?

Okay I really don’t think there’s a single other person here that is going to find this as funny as I do… but this video, specifically from 4:21 to the end. I’ve watched it so many times and I still find it funny.

Do you play an instrument? If so what is it? If not, do you have an interest in learning how to play one?

I played a lot of piano as a kid but I’m extremely out of practice and haven’t really played in six years or so now. I did also a lot of singing in college. I have a guitar but I’m not very good at it, so I should probably be practicing more.

Do you experience any aches or pains in your body?

I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis which is a large mouthful and also not very fun to write about, but I have vaguely considered writing about it at some point in September which has been deemed as its awareness month. A little fun fact (and why I brought this up in the first play): one of my original blog ideas was a food and cooking blog based around its complicated diet restrictions. However, I don’t cook much anymore and like I said, it’s not very fun to write about. Also I’m doing much better, possibly in remission, which is good, but it also means I cheat on the diet all the time until I regret it and someone yells at me about it.

Where did this blog begin? (from Tag You’re It)

And thus I have this significantly more fun blog now! Back in middle school and early high school I wanted to be a writer. I very much so don’t want to be a writer anymore, but I still journal regularly. So I guess I consider this a creative outlet for my younger self. Most of all, I enjoy thinking about and writing about things I like.

Also, I do think it’s cool when people read my posts ^_^

What advice would I give new bloggers? (from Tag You’re It)

Try not to be embarrassed by your own writing. If you liked writing it then I think there’ll definitely be someone else out there who likes reading it. I’m still working on this since I have a fear of judgement from strangers, but I think having this little blog has helped with that.

Read other blogs! I never really read any until I started actively writing on WordPress but there’s a lot of cool stuff out there.

My Questions

I hope these are some interesting and fun questions to write about if you so wish to answer them! I haven’t done a good job of keeping track of who’s already done one of these tags, but since it’s a new set of questions, I don’t think it matters as much.

If you could right now become fluent in any two languages you aren’t already fluent in, what would they be?

What’s something you really dislike but respect?

Is there a dead or inactive website or blog that you miss?

What would you use to introduce someone to your hobby (what your blog is about) if they have zero prior knowledge about it?

What’s your favorite super pretentious sounding color (ex. burgundy, chartreuse, etc.)

What’s your favorite recipe?

What’s a post you’re proud of that you wish more people would read?

Ramblings N’ Scribbles (tag back)


Later Levels

A Geeky Gal

Virtual Visions

Meghan Plays Games

Literally anyone. If you find these interesting, feel free to comment on this post, make your own post, etc. Or just think about it for a bit.

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