A Small Blog Change

I’ve changed the blog’s headline from Games and Books // Reviews and Thoughts to Games (and Other Bits) // Musings and Thoughts. This is more in line with the direction that I think I want to go with this blog. “Musings” sounds a bit more free flowing than “Reviews”. I think I’ve enjoyed writing my thoughts, experiences, and opinions more so than trying to look at things more critically and objectively. But that’s mostly an issue of semantics.

My rate of reading has gone down drastically since graduating college. Last year (2018) I finished 22 books, not including graphic novels, according to my Goodreads account. This year so far I’ve finished…two. I’ve been feeling pretty guilty about this actually and have been trying to get back into the habit, but I’m still having a hard time with it.

So now “Books” has become “Other Bits”. First and foremost, I thought that would be a really cute little pun to put up as the title of this blog. I also feel like I have other smaller hobbies that I would potentially like to write about. The one that first came to mind was stationary, because the internet can never have too many fountain pen ink swatches. But that’s more of a stray thought for now. I want to find a good footing in writing about games first.

My twitter account is absolute trash, but if you ever want to say hi and offer some feedback outside of the blog comments, that’s the best way to do it. I’m still working on trying to find my voice and style in writing. Thank you to anyone reading this, I really appreciate it.

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